Concrete Mix Design Methods - Methods Used Around World

Concrete was the structural material that was adopted during 19 century. The only criterion that was focused in order to perform the mix proportioning was the compressive strength. Better the compaction and more the cement, better is the strength. 

Some of the early methods that were used for mix design of concrete was based on maximum density and minimum voids. They are mentioned:

Early Methods of Concrete Mix Design

Early methods of Mix design used for concrete mix design are:
  1. Arbitrary Method
  2. Minimum Voids Method
  3. Fuller's Maximum Density Method
  4. Talbot - Richart Method
  5. Fineness Modulus Method

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Recent Methods of Concrete Mix Design

The practice of using early methods made the researched to find out the influence of different parameters that resulted in the development new economical and qualitative methods. Present methods of concrete mix design used around the world are based on the empirical relationships, graphs, charts and from experimental investigations.

Most of the methods used presently will follow the basic principles, but the minor difference exists. Common Concrete mix design methods in vogue are:
  1. ACI Method
  2. USBR Practice
  3. Road Note No.4 Method
  4. British Method
  5. Indian Standard Method

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