Embedded Sensors in Concrete - Real time Strength and Temperature Monitoring

The smart concrete is a solution that is granted for the ready - mix customers who wish to know the strength of the concrete in real - time. This is offered by the SmartRock Manufactures. The system allows the installation of wireless sensors in the concrete. This will help facilitate the real-time monitoring of concrete strength by the customers.

The concrete mix intended for this purpose can be called as Smart Mixes.

Embedded Sensors in Concrete

Working of Smart Concrete With Sensors

1. Calibrate the Smart Mix Based on ASTM C1074

2.  Bring the data based on the result and select your Smart mix

3. Upsell your Smart Mix

4. Get the smart mix sensors for your smart mix

5. Install the sensors and Place the concrete

6. Select the smart concrete that you have to analyze from the smart concrete app

7. Monitor the concrete strength and the temperature in real time

Other Benefits are:

1. Monitor the building by getting the job site data on cloud

2. Mix performance can be analyzed by Powerful Analytics

Benefits of Using Sensors in Concrete

  • Increase in Profit
  • Bigger Market Share
  • Bigger Customer Loyalty
  • Good Quality Monitoring
  • Good performance Valuation
  • Building is under control