Steps to Your Future Home

Dream Home is one of the most wanted wish of every human being who wish to live successfully. It's a part of a human being's success. How long it takes to reach that dream is based on the financial background, time and consequences.

Today I will discuss some important factors related to a dream of constructing a future home. I can specify those measures I take as a civil engineer and those measures I realized and find it essential when I was a client for a designer. I will point out the mistakes I made in having my future home so that you will keep that in your mind.

Let's get started!!

1. How should be your dream home?

This is an idea that everyone who wishes to build a home for themselves must have. And please don;t leave this to your designer alone. If you are fine with whatever your designer gives you, then just ignore what I told. To have an idea, it's not necessary that you must possess a degree on the same. You are building your home with your "MONEY ", so you must research on what will make you happy;  Like what design of home is best suited for your family
  • What elevation must I choose
  • What comfort level the home should give
  • The extent of privacy
  • How many members must it accommodate
  • Will my home take extra member when a get-together or emergency is faced
A preplanned idea on such minute details will not make you feel regretted once after your home is finished.

2. When to consult the engineer

Before you meet an engineer, list out the essential requirements that you need. For example:

  • Number of rooms
  • Front area
  • Extra requirements- say like patio, separate car sheds, out house etc
All the above details will bring you an idea on whether you have to go for a single or double story house. This decision will bring an engineer with a plan in his mind.

3. When to Fix the Plan

If you are a middle-class or lower-middle-class family,  I would suggest bringing a restriction on the total square feet. It's true to have a huge house, but in future, the maintenance must not be a burden for you. 
Again you might be planning to buy a land for construction, or you might be already having a land where you plan to construct you home. In such cases, the engineer have to visit the site , understand the advantages and limitations of the site and bring the design or the plan accordingly. This design should carry your considerations.

4. Elevation and Plan of your Home

It's true that in some extend, there is a relation between the elevation and plan of your house. Do not treat both differently. The plan you choose must sink with the final elevation. As I have worked in my home design, I would strictly recommend to start the project only after the elevation and the plan is in your hand. 
You must have the elevation in your hand so that you have a clear picture on how your home will finally look. This would give you a supervisor role unknowingly. You can compare the design ongoing in the construction site with the plan and elevation so that your money is not wasted and your work is done the most desired way.
The engineers might show a difficulty is giving you the final elevation. But as the one who is spending dollars, you have to bring a systematic control of the work. 

5. Contracts With The Engineer

Its desired to have a contract with whoever you assign the work with. It may start from the engineer to the carpenter. The contract is based on the drawings and related matters. This contract will help you in saving the money from loosing in an uncontrolled manner. How small or Big the project is....You have to take it as a great concern and complete it.

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