General Principles of CESMM3


The CESMM3 is Civil Engineering Standard Method of Measurement, third edition. The document is intended to be used along with the conditions of the contract. It is also related to the works in civil engineering and simple building works.

The CESMM3 does not involve the calculation of bill of quantities related to large mechanical and electrical engineering works or building works that are complex. That are projects that are not frequent in the civil construction field.When such large project is being encountered, it has to be specially mentioned and described in the bill of quantities, so that tenders may be priced adequately and follows the method of measurement that is stated in the preamble to the bill of quantities.

Objective of CESMM3

The main objective of CESSM3 is to put forward the procedures according to which the bill of quantities shall be prepared and priced. It will also follow the procedure based on the how the work quantities of expressed and measured.

Objectives of Bill of Quantities

  1. To Provide information about the quantities of the work. This will help in efficient and accurate preparation of tenders.
  2. To provide facility to use the price bill of quantities in the valuation of the work executed.
The objects mentioned above are attained by itemizing the bill of quantities in a sufficient and detailed manner. This is to facilitate proper distinguishing between different classes of work, or between the works that have same nature, or works that give different cost consideration. The layout and the content of the bill of quantities must be simple and brief as possible to make it consistent with the requirements.

All the works in the project have to expressed in the bill of quantities

Work Classification in CESMM3

The principles and objectives of CESMM3 are attained by following the method of work classification. The work classification can be defined as the following:

  1. The classification of work into different categories in the bill of quantities
  2. The detailed information is provided for the respective item as descriptions
  3. The units at which each quantity is measured and expressed
  4. Th method of measurement of the work, to calculate the quantities

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