Earn Money Fast As A Civil Engineer

Earning Money With a Civil Engineering Degree

Earn Money Fast As a Civil Engineer- Civil Engineering Online Jobs- Civil Engineering Part Time Jobs

All civil engineering graduates out there may not be having a complete job as a civil engineer. You might have a graduate degree in the same but doing some other job. Some of the lady civil engineers would have got married and stuck out with you home duties, leaving away the profession you attained as a reason of your ambition or somebody's inspiration. But it's true just having a civil degree won;t pay you anything. Unless you get a job that pays you, you are nothing. The ego and complex within you will slowly arise when you see the one of your friend below who was an average student below you get high paying jobs.

I am not teasing the worse in you. But this is to tell you that I have faced the same problem. And I am trying by best to overcome this. One of the tries was, the one you are reading now. 

Hehe!!!!............... Confused.........Ok, I will tell you one by one.

MY LIFE AS A CIVIL ENGINEER                                                                       

I applied for many jobs that no one gave be a job because of zero experience. Then I started to look all areas of jobs where I have an opportunity to work. When nothing came into my way, I started freelancing. Freelancing is the way to write articles to a website. I am now a technical writer, who writes articles on civil engineering, construction, and structures. I research myself to bring good and unique articles. These keeps be updated of what I have studied. Until the time I get another job, this job means a lot to be. 
My friends work as civil engineer professors in college for 10k or 20k Indian rupees.But I earn 35 to 40K per month. Which means a lot for me. I just want to sit in my home and do work.

TIP FOR YOU:                                                                                                        

All you need to do is type "write for us" civil engineering in google search tab and you will get a set of websites that do the same. Sent them emails, regarding your wish to write articles and get paid.

CIVIL ENGINEERING BLOGGER                                                                      

Next method that I would suggest is to start a blog. You can start the blog of your interest areas in civil engineering. As I did. It takes a period of 6 months, but I believe " Something is better than Nothing"


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