BIS - Bureau of Indian Standard Standards- Concrete Mix Design Procedure

BIS Procedure of Mix Design - Step by Step Procedure of BIS Concrete MiX Design


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BIS Procedure of Mix Design - Step by Step Procedure of BIS Concrete MiX Design

Step 6: Determination of Cement Content

The cement is calculated from the water cement ratio. Check the cement against the minimum cement content from the requirements of the durability table from IS 456-2000. Greater of the values will be adopted.

Step 7: Determination of Coarse and Fine Aggregate

From the Quantities of water and cement per unit volume of the concrete and the percentage of sand already determined from the above steps, the content of coarse and the fine aggregates per unit volume is calculated from the below relation.

The gross volume (1-meter cube) minus the volume of the entrapped air is the absolute volume of the concrete, V. The specific gravity of cement is given by Sc.

W = Mass of water per cubic meter of the concrete, kg
C = Mass of cement per cubic meter of concrete, kg
p =  ratio of fine to coarse aggregates, per cubic meter of the concrete
Sfa, Sca are the specific gravities of the saturated surface dry fine and coarse aggregates 

Step 8: Determination of Concrete Mix Proportions for the trial Mix

Step 9: Check for Compressive strength

Using the calculated proportions, the concrete is mixed. Three cubes of 150mm size are made and cured. They are tested after 28 days moist curing for compressive strength.

Check for Compressive strength

Step 10: Trial Mix preparation

Trial Mixes are prepared with suitable adjustments till the final mix proportions are obtained.

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