What is Asphalt??


A mixture of bitumen and an inert mineral matter in substantial proportion will give Asphalt. The binder used in the asphalt manufacture is bitumen. There can be bitumen without asphalt. But No asphalt exist without the bitumen content.There are two types of asphalt:

  • Natural Asphalt
  • Petroleum Asphalt or Residual Asphalt

What is Blacktop?

The black Top forms as a category under the asphalt materials. Is is not a refined material as compared to pure asphalt ( asphalt removed after impurities). It is an uncompacted virgin of hot mix asphalt which is commonly used for the repair of potholes. Potholes are a kind of failure seen in asphalt pavement structures. It has the following properties:
  • Less expensive
  • Less labor intensive
  • More durable to repair potholes
These materials can be obtained from the remains of removed pavements.

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