Finished Concrete Flooring- Polished Concrete -Cost of Polished Concrete

Fig.1. A view of Polished Concrete Floor

Polished Concrete                                                                                               

Design Versatility is the main advantage that is given by Concrete floors for the homeowners and designers. It can take any color of our wish and treat it to a level of finish that is similar to tile, granites or even marbles. Decorations can be provided for the concrete tile that will enhance the aesthetics of the complete utility areas. Stenciling borders and bringing more graphics will improve this effect.
It is guaranteed that no other flooring materials can provide such an amazing versatility, say through a variety of design options and opportunities to customize.

Fi.2: Different Colour Options For Polished Concrete

Finished Concrete – Finishing Materials Used
Two main trendiest type of finish used nowadays is the polishing and the metallic coatings. A polished stone appearance is provided by the rate of higher luster finish. This never requires waxing.

Fig.3. Concrete Polishing

The Metallic Epoxies contain real metallic powders that will help in making the concrete look similar to copper, aged bronze, silver, nickel, and other shimmery patinas. Wherever a modern upscale look is preferred these ideas are employed.

Cost of Polished Concrete                                                                                   

The cost of polished concrete is depended upon the levels of grinding that is required in order to make the surface the smooth. This cost can also depend upon the extent of decoration that is required.
The polished concrete is more economical when employed for larger spaces. Another factor that will affect the cost of polished concrete is the type of contractor and the Country. Summarizing, the factors that influence the cost are:
  • Extend of Grinding
  • Extend of decoration
  • Type of staining
  • Area to be installed
  • Contractor Type
  • Country Area

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