Polymer Concrete - Properties and Applications

Polymer Concrete

The polymer concrete is also called as resin concrete. It is the special type of concrete which can be manufactured by the addition of monomer or resin to the preheated aggregate consisting of coarse aggregate, fine aggregate, and other particle sizes. The commonly used binders are the styrene, methyl methacrylate, polyesters, and epoxies.

Fig.1. Polymer Concrete Products

In the pre-pack method graded dry aggregates are packed in molds and polymers is poured into the voids and if necessary, it is impregnated by means of vacuum. In the premix method, the polymer and the aggregate are mixed in the conventional mixers and the mix is transferred to the molds. This mix is vibrated in order to undergo compaction.

Properties of Polymer Concrete

1. Highly resistant to chemical attack
2. High Freezing and Thawing resistance
3. Zero permeability and absorption capacity

Comparison Between the Polymer Concrete and Plain Concrete

Applications of Polymer Concrete

1. Used to Manufacture pipe for carrying chemicals in industries
2. Floorings and for repairing works