Green Walls & Green Roof in High Rise Building Construction

Green walls are vegetated facade are walls where plants  are allowed to grow on the vertical surface of the building structure in a controlled manner. These are subjected to regular maintenance. This brings a link between the humans and the nature, as in the present situation most of the population live in cities demanding for a high tech living style. 

Fig.1: El Penon, Intelligent Building with Green Wall, Spain
The environmental sustainability movement is the main reason behind the incorporation of plants into the building design. This have been now considered as a primary demand of architects and the designers.

Fig.2: Park Royal Building in Singapore

Benefits of Green Wall Construction in Urban Scale

  • The Urban Heat Island effect is reduced
  • The Air quality is improved
  • The Carbon Sequestering is carried out
  • Provide good aesthetic appeal
  • The Urban dwellers possess psychological impact
  • Biodiveristy and natural habitat provisions
  • The sound deadening- reduce noise problems

Benefits in Building Scale

  • The Building energy efficiency is increased
  • The air quality, air filtration and oxygenation internally is carried out
  • Health benefits
  • Envelope is protected
  • Interior noise is reduced
  • Agricultural benefits
  • The property value is increased
  • Sustainability Rating system

Benefits in terms of sustainability

  • Sustainable site development
  • Water efficiency
  • Energy and Atmosphere
  • Materials and resources
  • The indoor environmental quality
  • Innovation in operation and design
Fig.3: The Figure representing the concept of green elements. The street level trees shade the first three floors. The vertical walls with plants protect the remaining floors from bottom to top

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