Civil Engineers 2017 Salary and Specialization - Payment in Civil Construction Field

Want to know about Civil engineers salary???

This question arises in the mind of all civil fresh graduates who are desperately searching for jobs. Before getting worried about salaries one should be knowing what will help a civil engineer to build his career in a constructive way.

There are many specializations which will help a fresh graduate to get a promising career. In this competitive world getting specialized is the only way for you to be on the ahead in the race.

Civil Engineering Specialization

These are some of the fields where a civil engineer can start putting the foundation of their career.
  • Structural Design and development
  • Research & Development Civil Engineering Research Areas- Post Graduation
  • Structural engineering
  • Cost estimation/ material estimation
  • Construction management
  • Quality Control and Quality Assurance
  • Environmental Engineering

Civil Engineering Salary

The comparison of civil engineering salary with other profession

This estimate is for civil engineers looking jobs in US. 2017 will show great welcoming for civil engineers. 

Different Civil Engineering Profession and Their Basic Salary