3 Dimension Approach in Bridge Planning


The three main basic dimension in bridge construction planning are:
  • Social 
  • Technological 
  • Scientific 

Scientific Dimension

Every structure has to perform in accordance with laws of nature.The natural forms and laws of their existence are interpreted or explained by scientists in form of certain formulas containing inter se relations between various basic elements. Engineers create struck in accordance with laws of nature and they make use of such pre-existing formulae though their methods may be different The engineers make use of various scientific development like alternative materials through chemical analysis, physics in interpreting structural behavior and mathematics for analyzing and determining the resultant flexural shear stresses. The scientifié dimension helps engineer to give efficient structures.

Social Dimension

Bridges are built for improving the mobility of people and materials and enhancing the quality of life and society. Such man-made structures may have some adverse effects on the environment and bring changes in the landscape also. The bridges have to not satisfy the and future demands of mobility but also be acceptable to the people in terms of visibility, and pollution during after construction. The society has to pay for the cost of the structure directly in form of taxes and levies and or indirectly as tolls. 

Technological Dimension

Over years large innovation in the construction sector has resulted in the evolution of heavy equipment and construction methods that make complex mega projects like bridges to be constructed with greater ease. As the rate of such projects increase, the demand for resources forms the environment also increases. This would result in the depletion of the natural resources.
So it is highly recommended to bring a balance between the social, scientific and the technological dimension by the engineer who is in charge to bring a structure which is feasible to the society and economic in nature.

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