Building Structures with Haunted Architecture

We have known or seen different structures that get sealed by the "haunted" tag either through stories from ancient times, or any kind of not so good to hear incidents inside the building or any others. But today our concern is to have a look on architecture and construction style that gives the building a haunted look. Its the aesthetics that comes to play

Fig.1.An Animated Architecture Modeled in 3D Computer Graphics 

History of Haunted Architecture

Since Ancient times. the characters or authors of spirit stories have left behind certain tales about these. The style of architecture of haunted houses is treated scary and haunted by each successive generation.

Earlier, in United States , the building architecture was based on the Georgian styles orginated from England. With the expansion of the country the era of neoclassical home construction came into existence. This uses columns and pediments , that are drawn from the ancient Greece. The architectural elements where taken from Gothic Raman Churches and Northern European Castles by the American Victorian Home Architects. 

Fig.3.An Example of Haunted Architecture Based on Victorian Architecture

Fig.2. An Example of Real Time Victorian Architecture

The Victorian Architecture gained a reputation because of the historical styles that it follows namely Gothic, Greek and Roman. These are also used together as a combination. This style give it a haunted look.