Fig.Gypsum Crystal Cave found in Mexico

Fig..Gypsum Crystal Cave found in Mexico

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Fig..Gypsum Crystal in Texas

Gypsum Occurrence

Gypsum is a white to gray mineral found in the earth crust. It is chemically known as hydrous calcium sulfate (CaSO4.2H2O) which are obtained through mining from vast veins. Gypsum gain different forms. It is seen as sand in certain areas. The gypsum stone , which is called as alabaster have the property to be carved to any sculpture forms. This stone is translucent in nature. Gypsum in its natural origin consists of around 30% of bounded water. This water is taken out from it through continuous heating of gypsum, till white powder form of gypsum is obtained.

Fig. Crystal Form of Gypsum Found in Romania

Fig.Gypsum Crustal Found in New Jersey Romania

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