Building Structures with Haunted Architecture

We have known or seen different structures that get sealed by the "haunted" tag either through stories from ancient times, or any kind of not so good to hear incidents inside the building or any others. But today our concern is to have a look on architecture and construction style that gives the building a haunted look. Its the aesthetics that comes to play

Fig.1.An Animated Architecture Modeled in 3D Computer Graphics 

World's Tallest "PAPER TOWER""

Fig.1: Ban's Paper Tower


A temporary tower made of cardboard, developed by Shigeru Ban's is known as the world's largest tower made out of paper.For the London Design Festival, he designed a tower made from cardboard which will soar over the embankment walkway and be visible as a new addition to the South Bank skyline.

Water Bubble Structures-Water Cubes

Water Bubble Structures -Water Cube

The Water Cube is the colloquial name for the National Aquatics Center, Beijing. It was built alongside Beijing National Olympics Stadium in the Olympic Green for the swimming competitions of the 2008 summer Olympics. As it names 'water cube', it is not cubic, but cuboid in shape. the aquatic center is really a rectangular box (cuboid) 178 meters (584 ft) square and 31 meters (102 ft) high.
The Amazing Water Cube in Night

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