What is CESMM?

CESMM is Civil Engineering Standard Methods of Measurement which incorporates rules and regulations for measuring various parts and elements of a major civil engineering project. It has gone through different stages of updating.CESMM  is demanded in civil engineering works, under the NEC, ICE and FIDIC forms of contract. 

We have CESMM3 with its third edition which was put forward under the guidance of Institution of Civil Engineers(ICE) review panel.The third edition was produced under the guidance of ICE's CESMM Review Panel. This edition was produced to reflect changes in working practices and British Standards. Also to introduce a new class Z for simple building works incidental to civil engineering works. This also enabled the use of CESMM with the ICE Conditions of Contract, 6th edition.

CESMM4 was published in April 2012 due to the withdraw of ICE Conditions of Contract in favor of the New Engineering Contract (NEC). CESMM4 can be used across a range of contract types, including NEC, FIDIC (International Federation of  Consulting Engineers) and ICC (Infrastructure Conditions of Contract).

But CESSM3 is used widely. It gives procedures for the preparation of a bill of quantities (BOQ) for civil engineering works, for pricing and for the expression and measurement of quantities of work. The BOQ enables tenders to be prepared efficiently and can be used to value work completed once the contract has been let.

The classification system in CESMM3 includes 26 main classes of work commonly undertaken on civil engineering projects and defines; how work is divided into items, the method for describing items, the units to be adopted and the method of measurement.

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The document can be downloaded from the link http://terobuilders.com/pdf/cesmm3.pdf

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